Understanding Instance Items

Some scripters have expressed confusion about how I have implemented Instance Items, so I have decided to explain how it is designed and how it works. I will discuss how add-ons can be written for it in order for you to write your own item/equip related scripts to take advantage of instance items.


To understand why the script created, we begin by understanding what problem I have tried to address.

Imagine you have several blunt swords in your inventory.


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Alias is not Super!

There is a bug in several of my scripts regarding aliasing and class inheritance, and this may be a very subtle issue and result in hours of debugging before you find it.

The problem occurred when a scripter was writing some scripts on top of existing custom scripts. In fact it occurred not once, but twice! While trying to alias the remove_state method in Game_Battler and adding a print statement to it, the print statement was never executed, but the state was still removed.

Thinking about it, there is nothing obvious about why this might be happening. It just seems like none of your changes are being applied during the game!

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Improve script performance by efficiently evaluating formulas

Formulas are one of the most powerful features available to RPG Maker game developers. They allow developers to enjoy the full capabilities of the Ruby scripting language while keeping their databases and events separate from their scripts.

My old way of writing scripts was to simply use the eval command that Ruby provides. This is great, as you can evaluate any (valid) formula using the scripting engine, but it comes with a performance cost of actually evaluating your formula, which is not cheap.

Rather than constantly evaluating a formula over and over again, however, what if there was a way to evaluate it once, and then simply re-use it later?

This tutorial shows one way to achieve this with a few minor tweaks to your scripts are written.

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Multiple Equip Types


This script allows you to assign multiple equip types to an equip. By default, each equip has only one equip type. For example, a sword is a “Weapon” equip type and can only be placed in “Weapon” slots. A wooden shield is a “Shield” equip type and can only be placed in “Shield” slots.

With multiple equip types, you can place an equip in any slot that it is compatible with. For example, you could create a slot called “left hand” and another slot called “right hand” and then specify that certain equips can only be held in your left hand, certain equips in your right hand, and certain equips in any hand.

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What to do when your formulas aren’t working

Devs that use my scripts may notice that I really like using formulas.  You might recognize this one from your default attack  damage formula

a.atk * 2 - b.def * 4

Or in the case of note-tags, you might write something sophisticated like this

<some name: a.state?(23) || a.hp < a.mhp * 0.5>

The focus of this post is not what a formula is, but what happens when

Your formula just doesn’t seem to work

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Shop Manager: managing shops with shop ID’s

An update has been made to the Shop Manager to address a major limitation that developers may have found quite irritating:


Amazingly, developers weren’t able to accomplish this. But now you can!

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Equip and State Parameter Bonuses

Two updates have been made to the Parameter Bonuses script.

  1. Classes, weapons, armors, and states all support parameter bonuses
  2. You can reference each object’s own attributes in the bonus formula


When you add bonuses to an actor, the bonus will always be applied. However, sometimes you want bonuses to be activated under certain circumstances, such as wearing a piece of armor or applying a state.

By note-tagging parameter bonuses to different database objects, you can create all kinds of equips and states with unique functionality.

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Enemy Levels – Pearl ABS patch

I’ve added a patch for my Enemy Levels script specifically for Falcao’s Pearl ABS. This patch allows you to manage the levels of existing enemies on the map using script calls.


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Individual Feature Conditions

An update has been made to the Feature Conditions script. First, I have created a preview image as an attempt to demonstrate what the script does and how it works:


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Choice Options bug fix – “branch” cancel

A bug report was sent to me indicating that when the Choice Options script was installed, developers could no longer use the “branch” cancel option when setting up their conditional branches. Here’s a basic summary:


This led to a few issues, all of which were related to canceling. The problem has been addressed now.

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