Enemy Levels – Pearl ABS patch

I’ve added a patch for my Enemy Levels script specifically for Falcao’s Pearl ABS. This patch allows you to manage the levels of existing enemies on the map using script calls.


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Individual Feature Conditions

An update has been made to the Feature Conditions script. First, I have created a preview image as an attempt to demonstrate what the script does and how it works:


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Choice Options bug fix – “branch” cancel

A bug report was sent to me indicating that when the Choice Options script was installed, developers could no longer use the “branch” cancel option when setting up their conditional branches. Here’s a basic summary:


This led to a few issues, all of which were related to canceling. The problem has been addressed now.

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Event Tile option for Map Screenshots

The Map Screenshot script has been updated to support a new feature that allows you to indicate that an event is a “tile” event.

You can choose to show or hide events in your screenshots, but sometimes you might have events that are meant to act as tiles, but you still don’t want to show other events such as NPC’s.

The solution here is to distinguish between normal events and “tile” events so that even if you don’t draw events, the tile events are still drawn.

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Common events on map region change

This is an update for the Map Regions script. When you go from one region to another, you can have a common event automatically run. It enables you to access script call, allowing you to run any logic when you move into a new region.

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Scripts for Indie Game-making contest 2014

Some devs have expressed interest in using my scripts for their submissions for the contest, but are unclear whether they are allowed to use them due to the “free for non-commercial use” clause that I’ve included in the terms of use.

For those that are not aware of this contest, you can check it out by clicking on the banner:

My scripts are free for use for development purposes. This basically means you can try them out as much as you want, study them, or you can use them to make your game. If you want to share your game for free that should also be fine.

It should be clear that if you want to sell your game, you’ll need a commercial license. But what about contests?

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Battle “Pre-Reactions”


This is an update for Battle Reactions. Originally, all reactions would occur after an action is executed. For example, an enemy attacks you, and you respond by healing yourself after you get hit.

This update allows you to control the reaction timing to specify whether the reaction should occur before or after the action is executed. For example, an enemy begins to attack you, and you respond by casting a shield spell to reduce any damage inflicted.

See the instructions for details on how to set a reaction to occur before the action is executed.

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Skill Links


This script allows you to create “skill links” which are basically a way to connect skill effects together.

Skill links are purely a development concept: they are created to allow you to specify multiple behavior that should occur when a single skill is used. In particular, it allows a single skill to execute effects under different scopes.

For example, suppose you wanted to create a skill that damages the enemies, but also heals all allies as a secondary effect. By default, there is no easy way to accomplish this without resorting to common events or complex formulas, and even that may have its own limitations.

However, there are few things that you CAN do.
It is easy to create a skill that will damage all enemies
It is also easy to create a skill that will heal all allies.

This script introduces the link between the two skills: you simply specify the healing skill as a “linked skill” to the damaging skill, and now whenever you execute the damaging skill, the healing skill will automatically run as well.

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Item Affix Rarity


This script is an add-on for Item Rarity. It allows equips to inherit rarity from any affixes.

For example, if an item has a rarity level of 1, but then has a prefix with rarity level 4 added, the item’s rarity is now increased to 4 because of the prefix.

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Item Rarity


This script allows you to assign item rarities to items and equips.

Rarity is indicated by name colour: by default, all names are white.  You can customize this so that different rarity levels have different colours.

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